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A Refreshing Approach to Leadership Training in Brisbane

One of the biggest challenges facing leaders today is the growing trend towards employee disengagement. Today managers must be more than the boss, they must become engaging leaders!

The great leaders of this century will be those who align people to a common purpose and harness the collective talent and intellect of their whole organisation. They will be influencers, collaborators and innovators… not lone rangers. Managers can develop seven important skills in order to become more engaging leaders. Leadership training in Brisbane featuring the skills outlined below have been receiving tremendous feedback.

An engaging leaders’ power comes from purpose rather than from command and control. The underlying focus for engaging leaders is to have willing followers! This requires a new way of thinking that replace judgement with curiosity, competition with collaboration, inference with innovation and commanding with listening. The new breed of engaging leader needs to be purpose driven, a collaborator, an influencer and an innovator.

This grass roots approach to powerful leadership communicating is based on ‘having the conversations that need to be had’. It’s about being trustworthy in behaviour and definite in purpose and has been developed over a decade of leadership training in Brisbane. Engaging leaders understand that when you boil it all down organisational life is nothing more than people serving other people. Engaging leaders serve. They empower those who follow them to achieve worthwhile and meaningful outcomes. They set out to make their team members as successful as they can be. Their primary leadership strategy is to be an enabler — to lead people in their best way, to clear blockages and provide resources. There are seven key skills that managers need to become engaging leaders. (Continued below…)

Fantastic presentation! A must for leaders! Exceeded expectations! Great for any leader in any organisation!

- Debra Campbell, Qld Police Service

James has this uncanny way of tailoring his presentations to totally tap into where you are at in your own workplace.

- Jenny Excell, URSA Metropolis



7 Skills for Engaging Leaders

Firstly, managers must lead with purpose.  This means educating the team members of ‘why the organisation, and work unit, does what it does’.  Leaders show team members how the organisation and work unit is making a worthwhile difference. Moreover they show team members how their day-to-day activities contribute to the big picture.  Leaders help people to find meaning in their work.

Secondly leaders build trust.  They understand that without trustworthy behaviour at the individual level, there is no trust.  Leaders model trustworthy behaviour and counsel team members to do the same. Leaders understand that they must extend trust and can effectively manage the risks of doing so.

Third, leaders must be able to understand the personalities and style of the people they lead.  We all see the world differently which colour how we interpret information and how we behave.  If a leader is to ‘get everybody on the same page’ then they must be able to effectively interpret the individual differences that they encounter on their team.  Leaders need to be able to say the same thing in a different way to different team members in order to achieve a common outcome.


Forth, engaging leaders communicate with influence.  If leader’s need to be able to master one thing, it is to influence the thinking and behaviour of their team members.  In most cases attaining higher levels of performance requires some degree of change in thinking and behaviour for team members.  The fine art of navigating these tricky conversations is discussed in this workshop.

Fifth, engaging leaders are proactive.  They understand that it is NOT what happens to them but what they do about it that matters the most.  Engaging leaders choose to act in line with the purpose and values of the team.  They also understand how to balance courage with consideration when moving forward. Their advanced coping skills mean that they rarely fall into the reactive trap of fight, flight or freeze.

Sixth, engaging leaders focus on building team performance. They do this by using the correct amount of directive and/or supportive behaviour for the individual team member at a particular point in time.  Great leaders know that different people need different leadership styles.  They also recognise that the same person may need different leadership styles depending on the task they are trying to accomplish.

Finally, engaging leaders are creative.  New pressures require new strategies.  Engaging leaders are open to new ways and ideas and actively push their thinking in different directions.  One of the most essential creativity skills is visual thinking.  Essentially this is non-linear note taking that engages both sides of the brain and accelerated the creation of new insights and breakthroughs in thinking.

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